18th Anniversary Logo, Letter & Playlist

The Letter

Happy 18th Anniversary, Baby!

Well, you’ve done it again: Stuck with me for another year and given me many more reasons and confirmations of why I’m so happy to have married you 18 years ago.

I hope you like this year’s anniversary logo. This one is tied into a larger plot to tell the world how I feel about you. The local approach of broadcasting it via your van’s rear window was a good start, however, this year I’m letting the world know through TWO blogs designed to celebrate how lucky I am to have you via giving you Valentine’s All Year: 

>>> The 52 Love Songs Project 

I started this in paper form several years ago, but didn’t complete it. I did present the idea to the participants in the Valentine’s All Year Seminar I did in Eagle Mountain around the same time. However, I’ve never forgotten it and now here it is in a bigger and better format! 

When we were first married you introduced me to the idea from a talk about making “musical first aid kits” and that has always stuck with me. You know I love to make you “Momma Songs” CD’s for our Anniversary and Mother’s Day (a version with love songs from me and mother-related songs from the kids). Those CD’s I’ve listened to a lot, too, and always remind me of how happy I am to have you and/or if I’m upset, or we’re fighting, they remind me to re-calibrate to what matters most and what we are really about. Well, this blog is like those CD’s but more involved. Each song will have a video or audio that can be played online (you’ll probably have to listen to it from home since your work blocks YouTube videos--grrrrr), full lyrics, and a love note and/or commentary from me to you about the song and us. 

>>> The 365 Love Quotes Project 

For our 10th Anniversary I spent hours and hours and hours for several weeks searching, collecting, compiling, printing and cutting out 365 love quotes and poems (and put them in those three apothecary jars) so that instead of having just one Valentine from me you could instead have “Valentine’s All Year”. That’s the year I guess I came up with that idea from which sprung the article I wrote and the workshop of the same name. Well, I’m posting many of those online and adding some new ones as well. 

You’ll be getting weekly and daily emails each day for these blog posts. I hope you’ll share these blogs with your friends and family so 1. they can see how loved you are (as you deserve to be) and 2. so maybe others will be encouraged to love their partners as well as they too deserve to be loved. 

Well, babe, thanks for yet another great year with you. 



Momma Songs 18th Anniversary CD

  1. All The Same    Sick Puppies
  2. Be My Yoko Ono    Barenaked Ladies
  3. Bill's Marriage    Bill Cosby
  4. Calling You (Edit)    Blue October
  5. Encarnación    Nacho Libre
  6. Faithfully    Journey
  7. First Day Of My Life    Bright Eyes
  8. Forever And Ever, Amen    Randy Travis
  9. Hotel Yorba    The White Stripes
  10. I Could Not Ask For More    Edwin Mccain
  11. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing    AeroSmith
  12.  I Feel Home    OAR
  13. I Walk the Line    Johnny Cash
  14. I Want To Hold Your Hand    The Beatles
  15. I'm Coming Home    Robert Earl Keen
  16. It's You    Pictures & Sound
  17. The Joker    Steve Miller Band
  18. Just Like Heaven    The Cure
  19. Let Me Tell You About Love    The Judds
  20. Lips Like Sugar    Echo & The Bunnymen
  21. A Man And A Woman    U2
  22. My Best Friend    Weezer
  23. My Blue Heaven    Fats Domino
  24. Not My Baby    The Judds
  25. One Hot Mama    Trace Adkins
  26. Our House    Madness
  27. Power of Two (acoustic)    Indigo Girls
  28. Salvation Song    The Avett Brothers
  29. Sea of Love    Robert Plant
  30. Sign Your Name    Terence Trent D'Arby
  31. Something    The Beatles
  32. Something in the Way She Moves    James Taylor
  33. Steamroller Blues    James Taylor
  34. Taking You Home    Don Henley
  35. Things We Said Today    The Beatles
  36. Till There Was You    The Beatles
  37. Whatta man    Salt n Peppa & En Vogue
  38. When You're Good To Mama    Catherine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellewegger, Richard Gere
  39. Whole Lot Of Love    Led Zeppelin
  40. You Are My Sunshine    Ray Charles
  41. You Make Loving Fun    Fleetwood Mac
  42. You Needed Me    Anne Murray
  43. You're Like Coming Home    Lonestar
  44. You've Got a Friend    James Taylor
  45. Your Body Is a Wonderland    John Mayer