23/365 Commitment is...


Commitment has kind eyes. He wears sturdy shoes. 
Everything is vivid when he is around. It is wonderful to sit 
and have lunch in his gardens around harvest time. You 
can taste in the vegetables that the soil has been cared for.
—J. Ruth Gendler

"Commitment has kind eyes." Wow! What a wonderful line. This whole quote is sublime. Commitment is what you give so freely and fully to your garden each year and we reap the benefits so fully. Commitment is what we also give to each other so freely and so fully every year from which we so bountifully enjoy our harvest of beauty, satisfaction and nourishment. You can taste in the quality of our relationship that the soil has indeed been cared for.

Commitment is "kind, sturdy, wonderful, and cared for." It is something tended to and nurtured. It is invested in and time is given to it. It is not accidental and it is not just a "given". Commitment, like gardening, isn't easy and simply takes lots and lots and lots of hard work. It requires "sturdy shoes". And because it requires so much, so much is then gained and rightfully enjoyed.